Designing Elemental Wardrobe and Lifestyle Pieces

Simple Statements of Fashion
Is “less is more” a timeless creed, or a trite expression for the everyday minimalist? This concept applies seamlessly to the pressing demands of every day fashion. One of the most consequential feats of a person’s life is inspiring lifestyle pieces that are complexly designed with depth and creative zeal, along with simplistic, clean and consummate fit and appeal. But, how do you counterbalance complexity with simplicity, while retaining a unique inspiration that aptly reflects your personal style? Every closet must be lavished with sartorial pieces, but not simply any staple piece. These pieces must echo a definitive expression of one’s true self in the most sophisticated, yet, simplistic way possible.

Inspiring Simple Outfits
Crafting these outfits requires the following thought process. First, you must conceive the general applications and scope of a particular piece. A single piece must apply vastly in color, style and nuance for a number of different outfits, whether casual or not. In essence, you must select versatile clothing pieces that reflect complexity in thought and planning, as well as simplicity and ease of wear. Wearing such an outfit should not hint at hours rummaging through the wardrobe, or endless hours of primping in the mirror. It must instead show a sophisticated thought process, as well as a consummate level of authentic ease. Balancing complexity with simplicity will hint that you are a naturally fashion-conscious person, not a manufactured, fashion disaster.

Simple Clothing Piece
The most frequently touted example of simple fashion is the black dress. The thought process behind the black dress is inherently complex. Upon purchasing one, you instantly conceive the hundreds of potential outfits ideas and combinations that you could create. You can pair such a dress with boots, sandals, a blazer, and much more. But when you wear it, you communicate effortless ease that is both chic and enviously natural. Here is a commonly overstated element of fashion – animal print shoes or brightly colored shoes. When included in a dissonant array of bright colors and eye catching prints, it proves to be a fashion faux pas. However, when delicately balanced with more understated fashion elements, it suddenly exudes an effortless flare that is clearly planned in a sophisticated manner. Why throw together a dissonant ensemble of gaudy piece after gaudy piece, when a simple, defining statement is all that you need? The statement jacket or blazer can be the single, missing element that you are looking for. Sometimes, for the perfect lifestyle piece, you need not use too many colors for a contemporary appeal; just the right ones, in the right context.