The Neushop Design Philosophy

Fashion of Today
These days we are befallen with a baseless sense of fashion, one that is easily shaped by external influences. Fashion has now become a crestfallen depiction of the excessive and the gratuitous, rather than the distilled, simplified and utilitarian. Neushop was established to revive the simplicity that has long been cloaked by today’s futile representations of style. Our goal is to fuel the resurgence of bare necessities in their beautiful simplicity.

The very essence of today’s fashion may be veering away from this reductionist view of style. However, our goals are driving fashion-based necessities back to their primal beginnings-simple cuts, silhouettes, outlines, with quality fabrics and simplistic, yet, vivid colors. This is the essence of Neushop.

Our Inspiration
For more than thirty years, we have honed our brand to channel this utilitarian principle, providing sartorial wardrobe pieces that infuse themselves seamlessly into the mundane aspects of everyday life. We persisted undeterred in our quest to convey what Morrison and Fukasawa labeled the Supernormal, exemplifying the sheer grandeur of bare simplicity. Morrison once took note of Fukasawa’s aluminum stools, and from this observation, he garnered these ideas about supreme normalcy. In essence, we are inspired profoundly by this paradoxical observation, and strive to bring the transcendental aspects of fashion down to their basic, earthly form.

Our Brand
So, how does Neushop characterize basic? Our subjective definition of basic is that which channels candid rationality, a straightforward characterization of the honest, and an elusive realm that is free of constraining labels and “isms”. Our wardrobe pieces do not emerge from a single demographic, nor are they inspired by ingroup concepts. They are bore from sheer simplicity and readily adaptable to many different populations and types of people. Each piece that we design can be adapted in a boundless number of ways.

In an effort to manifest our vision of utilitarian simplicity, we voyage throughout the world, seeking luxurious materials that are superb in their quality, look and feel. There are no constraining limitations on these materials, as their simplicity is independent of changes in the social landscape of fashion world. And like many retailers and manufacturers found in Japan, we are staunch proponents that valuable materials should be delivered economically to the masses, as well. We distinguish ourselves from the material choke-hold often imposed upon high end retailers, and the bankruptcy in quality that plagues cheaper retailers.

Fashion Statements
For decades, we have infused our pieces with a communicative value, a mindful quality that speaks volumes. Each of these mindful pieces conveys its message with resounding clarity. Although simple, our clothing pieces are never devoid of vivacity, always voicing tremendous volumes. Just as our pieces are not shaped by demographic labels, they simultaneously embrace all genders, ethnicities and nationalities. Hence, the beauty of simplicity.