Oct. 19 | To Give Objects Meaning

At Neushop we believe that what gives objects meaning is their capacity to tell someone’s story; to speak about a human quality or condition. It may reflect a person’s incredible knowledge and expertise; it may be imbued with someone’s effort and care; it may further express an individual’s capacity and creativity to appropriate the ordinariness of something and make it extraordinary.

For us, this understanding is fundamental to the way we conceive and make a product, as well as its life once it leaves the shop. Which brings us to the Ahana High Tide Yoga Festival: a day of yoga, meditation, music and shopping organized by our friends and clients from Ahana Yoga.

Ahana has taken our storied products and incorporated them into their mindful and conscientious vision by screen printing them and imbuing them with their own energy. At the festival they will bring together people with a variety of passions to celebrate common ground and mutual well-being. As such, it is an honor to be a part of their community through our products, and we invite you to join in for a fantastic experience this Saturday, October 20th at Jungle Plaza in the Miami Design District.

For their Eventbrite page, click here.