Nov. 10 | Ximena Fuentes Pop-Up Show: Miami Book of the Dead

Join us Thursday, November 10th, to celebrate the opening of Ximena Fuentes’ pop-up show Miami Book of the Dead.

In her first solo show, Ximena Fuentes presents a series of mixed media and text works that take as its subject present-day Miami, a city of spectacular consumption.

Inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a body of sacred writings intended to guide souls through the afterlife and philosopher Walter Benjamin’s quasi-mystical analysis of consumer culture, Fuentes reconstitutes a mythology of transcendence with material culled from glossy fashion and art magazines.

About the Artist

Ximena Fuentes is a visual artist and writer living in Miami.

Her work focuses on repurposing images generated by the luxury industry in order to challenge the aesthetics of consumer culture. She is particularly interested in the signifying operations that try to move high-end products and real estate beyond monetary value—endowing them with the kind of transcendence associated with art and luxury. In a series of collages cut-up images from fashion magazines and catalogs become body parts and backdrops for primal and other-worldly beings that form an alternative narrative of beauty.

Ximena’s writing explores the dissonances and displacements of class, sexuality, cultural decline, and exile.

She was born in Venezuela and grew up in Caracas and Paris. She studied art at Central Saint Martins, English literature at the University of Miami and is pursuing a degree in creative writing at Florida International University.

Opening Reception Thursday, November 10th, 2016 – 7-10 PM
Exhibition on view thru Sunday, November 13th

Downtown Miami
15 SE 2nd Avenue

Validated Parking
College Station Garage 190 NE 3rd St
Convention Center Garage 100 SE 2nd St
$1 up to 3 hours