New Neighborhood New Friends

In March 2018, we opened our doors at the Miami Design District. Ever since, we have been greeted and included in a way that would make anyone feel welcome. Adapting to a new neighborhood is never easy, but a sense of community and a helping hand definitely makes the process easier.

Our neighbors make us feel at home, so we wanted to thank them by dedicating our newest campaign, NEIGHBORS, to them. For this project we reached out to those friendly faces working in the Miami Design District who have helped us turn this house into a home, and photographed them wearing NEUSHOP items, bringing them and their personality to the forefront.

Thank you to Andres Manner and Miami Institute of Photography for photographing.


Aileen Garcia Works alongside Teddy at Dacra in the MDD.

Andy Blanco is the Gardener, at the Design District who is the one responsible for all the landscaping here at the MDD.

Dawn Feinberg  is the proud owner of Ahana Yoga and lover of all things Bhakti. Stop by her studio on 1st Ave and feel free to check out a class with her here at the MDD.

Markus Ekman is a Miami local that has lived between Stockholm, Sweden and New York City. Markus formerly used to work at Rick Owens but now works at Maison Margiela at the MDD.

Ping Su has been working with us for two years, she also has a food truck called Mr. Q Food Truck! Come say hi to Ping here at Neushop at the MDD.

Joel Vasquez is cuban descent and highly interested in art and photography and can be found working along with Yana at Celine MDD.

Meg Eugenia is a friendly and creative soul who works at OTL, a trendy café located in Miami, just across the street from our store. Come and visit Meg at OTL here at the MDD.

Teddy Shriver can be easily spotted biking, with his dog or just working at Dacra at the MDD.

Natasha Baranova is an adorable book worm who works at C’est Chou by Sienna, a children’s clothing and accessories boutique that ranges from babies to teens. You can find C’est Chou by Sienna at the MDD right behind our store.

Mario Pannunzio is a football fan who likes exercising and surfing when he isn’t working at Loro Piana at the MDD.

Yana Rybina is a cool and chic neighbor who works at Celine Miami, where they wear the best uniforms at the MDD.



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