Zancanaro Swimwear Curated by Neushop

Zancanaro is a sophisticated and wise brand dedicated to portray women’s strength, independence, and sensuality through beachwear. Come by and see how a swimsuit, fundamental in any wardrobe, can be so simple yet communicate so much.

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For one afternoon, Oriana Zancanaro and her creations will take over the space and people will have the chance to shop while being in contact with the creative brains behind the products. Zancanaro will be introducing its latest collection Caribbean Utopy, which not only contains pieces for women, but also men for the first time.

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Zancanaro is conscious about empowerment of women and dedicates its REAL MEN ARE FEMINISTS campaign towards fundraising for helping feminine victims of violence.


NEUSHOP is proud to collaborate with this and other initiatives that work towards design-thinking, social consciousness or simply great ideas that crave to be shared.

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Neushop Downtown Miami

Thursday, July 28th. | 4pm – 9pm
15 SE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL. 33156


On Thursday, 28th we had people over to take a look at Zancanaro’s new collection Caribbean Utopy.

We spend the evening drinking coconuts and chatting with interesting characters that dropped by. Architects, fashion bloggers, models and friends were part of the event.

People left ready with the best outfit to enjoy what is left of the summer.

Visit Zancanaro web page

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