Jan. 20 | The Future of Architecture: FIU-MDC-UM Student Encounter

Miami is a city that is often characterized for being disjointed and broken apart. Although this makes for a place that has a hard time gathering critical mass to develop real urban life, it creates micro-pockets of energy and thinking in the places one least expects. In this sense, Miami is a hyper-local and vernacular town, and its peninsular character trickles down to its districts, communities and neighborhoods.

The same is true of schools of architecture in Miami. FlU School of Architecture, Miami-Dade College School of Architecture and Interior Design and UM School of Architecture are each places that are both active in intellectual thought, and engaged tangibly within the city. Nonetheless they remain withdrawn from their neighbor schools and rarely cross paths with each other.

Join us Friday, January 20th at Neushop Downtown Miami to revise this condition. The evening will bring together students from all three schools to engage informally and discuss what everyone’s been up to. The event will allow students to get in touch and help foster a more active student culture within a city that yearns for it. The encounter will be followed by a performance of local band JAIALAI and light refreshments will be served.

About the JAIALAI

“JAIALAI is a Psychedelic Rock band from Miami, Florida formed in late 2015. With a hint of European and Australian rock we have created a sound that smoothly transitions through every spectrum. On December of 2016, our single “Pink Motion” was released. Now, the band is in the process of releasing our full EP for Spring 2017. The recording process has had the honor of having Carlos Imperatori (Latin Grammy winner for best rock album “Los Fabulosos Cadillacs”) and Rudy Paggliuca (Malanga, La Vida Boheme) as the producers. With participations from Didi Gutman (Brazilian Girls, Julieta Venegas) JAIALAI is looking forward to a successful year.”

Friday, January 20th, 2017
07:00 PM

Downtown Miami
15 SE 2nd Avenue

Validated Parking
College Station Garage 190 NE 3rd St
Convention Center Garage 100 SE 2nd St
$1 up to 3 hours

Anyone with a student ID will receive a 10% discount on all stationery products