Nov. 18 | Catorce Mujeres que Cuentan

Join us Saturday, November 18 at 7:30 p.m. for the presentation of “Catorce Mujeres que Cuentan” with editor Celso Santajuliana and writers Julieta Omaña, María Ángeles Octavio and Linda Baez.

This book of twenty-seven stories is the result of a collective project of fourteen women writers from six countries in Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua and Venezuela)

The writers highlight experiences that confront them with oppression and gender violence mixing the everyday with the extraordinary, the lived with the dreamed. It shows a variety of styles and themes, writers use looks and voices of men, animals and objects, their stories explore multiple edges of being female and reflect on their fears and limitations. The omnipresent figures of mothers and grandmothers, whose stories narrated by the daughters will repeat the cycle and remind us of the inevitable passage of time. The endings surprise and suggest the similarities of fiction and reality.

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