Who Made Our Clothes? They Did | Fashion Revolution

We’re committed to producing high-quality tees without straying from the perfect design of a simple t-shirt: no senseless additions to its form, no strident patterns, out-of-place embroideries or obnoxious brand tags. Naturally, the most important of the few factors we allow ourselves to alter is the material, and we’ve been absolutely open―proudly so―about its origins: the Peruvian Tanguis cotton plantations.

Recently, we became aware of the existence of a movement that seeks to put faces to the people who manufacture clothes, from farmers to factory workers, in an attempt to make the public aware of their work conditions, but most importantly their human quality. Fashion Revolution seeks to make every part of the value chain of fashion engage, ensuring transparency in the process by the brands that most often appear to the public as the only appreciable component of the fashion ecosystem.

While regretfully we couldn’t visit Peru since we found out about the Fashion Revolution movement, we do have a natural interest for the people who make our clothes and have documented our interactions with those very people in past trips―we’d like to share those with you.

We’re a small brand with a compromise to correct practices, mindful both regarding the environment and the human dimension to our craft, and aim to continue on that path as we grow. Hopefully, our bid for openness is just a small contribution in a whole ecosystem of brands invested in a healthy, conscientious fashion industry.